Norlinah Binte Salamat

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Sengkang Central Blk 210 (CC)

Norlinah Binte Salamat
28 Aug 2020

Appreciating our heritage in food and arts - Part 2

Peranakan Art Heritage: Batik Printing

The intricate prints of the sarong batik that is worn by the Nyonyas as well as the Batik shirts worn by the Babas are a dying art from the Peranakan art heritage that needs to be preserved. As an appreciation of the unique batik prints, the children used foam board pasted on wooden blocks and made imprints on their paper. They were amazed at the prints and went on to do a ‘Show and Tell’ of their Batik Prints.

Peranakan Art Heritage: Sarong Kebaya Paperdoll bookmark

As the sarong Kebaya worn by the Nyonyas is reminiscence of the Peranakan culture, the children extended their knowledge by creating a bookmark of a Peranakan doll wearing sarong kebaya.

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