Ortiz Julia Christine Tabligan

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Canberra Blk 413 (CC)

Ortiz Julia Christine Tabligan
30 Aug 2018

A Garden Adventure

26 July 2018

For better appreciation of mother nature, the children got to explore the different attractions at Gardens by the Bay.

Through their journey at the Gardens, the children got to see a variety of plants in different forms, shapes, colours, and sizes.

During the long term break over June, the children got to learn a lot about the Gardens before the actual learning journey. The activities guided them to be more appreciative and acquainted of the sights waiting to be seen.

The outputs involved in the activities were still in line with using mostly recycled materials. It was often emphasised to the children what kind of materials were used and why it is important to do so.

All hands on deck.

Still using recycled materials, the children have created their own version of the Supertrees.

Parents’ day special treat.

The Nursery 1 children went for a free and easy around the Gardens. They got to see the wonderful plants in the Flower Dome and without doubt were at awe as they stood in front of the Supertrees.

The Nursery 2 children had the opportunity to explore the Flower Dome to discover plants of different shapes and sizes. They were introduced to round and spiky cacti and conical plants.

To cap the day and cool down after long walks under the sun, all the children headed over to the Children’s Garden. This did not only hone their motor skills, but also get them to have a splashing good time at the Water Play zone.

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