Jilcy Sanjay

Milagros de Montessori School @ Queen’s Close

Jilcy Sanjay
7 Sep 2020

A Dream Worth Living...

Every ocean started with a drop of water, every river started as a trickle and every mission started as a dream! Here at Milagros de Montessori School, we also started SSDB with a dream. A dream of making a difference in others’ lives. But what difference can our little hands make, when we ourselves are so dependent on others?

It all started with brainstorming with our little ones. The landed question was; “what are you capable of doing on your own?” There were many answers. “I can draw”, “I can sing”, “I can paint”, “I can dance”, “I can read”, “I can write”……..the list went on.

Now the question was taken to the next level. ‘What can you do for others on your own?” It took a while before answers started flowing. “I can help others”, “I can give a hug”, “I can give one of my books”… The discussion was getting serious now. I prompted: “Since you can help others and you are willing to give away your things for others, can we think of a project to help others?”. They unanimously agreed! That was the starting point of SSDB project in our school.

We recollected the time we planted green beans in school and painted various things for craft work. That was something children could do all by themselves. But how could they help others with that? I told them how we could decorate pots and plant seeds in them. I also explained how we can sell it and raise funds to support a cause. They were elated!

When I shared the idea of helping Sri Narayana Mission, a place that takes care of seniors who have no one to take care of them, their happy faces became gloomy. The thought of lonely seniors almost brought tears to their eyes. Now they were even more determined to work hard and help seniors especially amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. All little hands came together, united with their teacher to make a difference to society! Yes, it is indeed “Small Start with a Big Dream!”

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