Chong Sin Hui

MindChamps Chinese Preschool @ Cecil Street

Chong Sin Hui
20 May

2024 SSDB MindChamps Chinese Preschool @ Cecil Street - I am Grateful and Fund-raising Event (Part 1)

We are launching a “Wildlife Protector” project with our Playgroup to Kindergarten 2 children. Our children had immersed themselves with the learning of endangered animals since last year. The children had an excursion to visit the statues of endangered animals to provoke their interest in the topic of endangered animals at Garden by the Bay.

Some of the children even made a wish to protect the wildlife animals for our centre’s Wishing Tree this year.

Our Teachers discussed the topic of endangered animals in depth with children during Term 2 curriculum. Before the end of Term 2, children made an information board or animal diorama to showcase their learning.

We also had a SSDB launch party on 6th May to get ready for our fund-raising event.

During the upcoming in between term programme, our children will bake cookies and make an individual art piece for the charity sale on 1st June.

Through these participations, we hope to assist our children in actively understanding the role that they can play within in it. It enables them to understand how their actions and participation can support the wildlife animals.

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