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Sunflower Preschool @ NSE
30 Jun

“The Power of Love”

“The Power of Love” Start Small Dream Big project by Sunflower Preschool @ NSE was launched on the 22nd of April 2022. The Kindergarten Two children wrote a self-introductory letter about themselves sharing their likes and interest to befriend the members of the Down Syndrome Association (Singapore) as pen - pals. They decorated the cards and posted them in a big envelope addressed to DSA from Sunflower Preschool @ NSE.

The members also wrote back to the children at Sunflower Preschool @ NSE. They were elated to receive the letters personally addressed to them and read them aloud in class to their classmates to share their excitement.

We co-created a heart with the members of DSA to be presented to the healthcare workers in the vaccination centre at Nee Soon East Community Club to show our appreciation in keeping us safe. The children decorated small heart shapes and coloured them with two different colours to show that differences can be beautiful and wrote their messages of appreciation for the healthcare team.

The members at DSA also decorated heart shapes with their thank-you messages and decorated their half of a heart shape, and sent it back to us.

The heart shaped board co-created by the members of DSA and the children of Sunflower Preschool @ NSE was presented to the healthcare workers in the vaccination centre at Nee Soon East Community Club. The children also received lunchboxes from DSA as a token of their partnership with Sunflower Preschool @NSE.

The children from Sunflower Preschool @ NSE decorated postcards based on the artwork entitled “We are family” by artist Vincent Delgado from the Singapore Art Museum and wrote a thank-you note with their families at home to their pen pals. The children also took this opportunity to thank the members of DSA for their participation in the Start Small Dream Big Project with us as a conclusion to the SSDB journey.

The children at Sunflower Preschool @ NSE have made meaningful friendships with the members of DSA by communicating with each other through letters. They would like to thank the healthcare workers who have worked tirelessly in the fight against COVID 19 in keeping them safe. Overall, the children understand that small contributions can make a big difference in showing love and appreciation by just creating something simple and meaningful.

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