Kristina Cassandra Felix

Sembawang (SW)

Kristina Cassandra Felix
5 Oct 2023

“Light Up With Love” Fundraising Event | The Schoolhouse @ Sembawang Country Club (29 Sept 2023)

Parents, staff and relatives gathered at the main gate to start the event with the amazing performances from Thinkers, Inventors and Neil Armstrong classes.

Carnival games made available outdoors for the children and their family to enjoy a variety of  fun and interactive games! Plus! Our very own Ms. J from the class of Playgroup Rainbow Fish set the mood with her interesting balloon sculpting techniques.

Mid-Autumn Festival wouldn’t be complete without these yummy mooncakes! Great molding techniques you got there, Alessandra! :)

As they enjoy the carnival booths around, the experience is even better when you eat and celebrate this special day with your loved ones.

Thank you Ms. Aurora from Little Farms Holland Village for donating two boxes of missile apples from Australia for our children and families. We appreciate you!

Outdoor fun continues! Obstacle course at the playground. Superb!

The children with their famillies persevere as they figure out the lantern riddles and enjoy lots of prizes!

Families help one another in building their creative lanterns and get ready for the lantern walk around the golf course.

Definitely one of the popular booths during the event, The Light Room! A humorous play of light and shadows that evokes a world of imagination.

In line with our K1 Term 4’s theme Light At Play, K1 class of Leonardo Da Vinci prepared a shadow puppetry available for everyone to watch. Impressive!

After the children witnessed the shadow puppet show, this booth allowed them to play and be creative in making their own puppets and create their original stories to share!

This is where the children’s art pieces that they have been working on for the past months are displayed.

The children curated each item with passion and creativity knowing that the proceeds that they will receive in selling these items will benefit the families of KidSTART Singapore.

Thank you, The Schoolhouse At Sembawang Country Club’s parents for purchasing these lovely pieces. We are grateful for all of you.

Lantern Walk At The Schoolhouse Sembawang Country Club | 8:00 PM

Write Up from Ms. Huda from Toddlers Class of Little Bear Hugs:

The Mid-Autumn Festival celebration with our children filled my heart with wamrth and joy. After weeks of dedicated hard work, crafting and meticuluos event preparations, it all came together seamlessly.

The most cherished moments arrived when we witnessed the sheer delight and boundless happiness on the faces of the children and their families. What made this  experience even more extraordinary was that our endeavours not only brought happiness to our school community but also raised funds for children in need. 

The day was whirlwind of joy and togetherness, with captivating performances, exciting games, the delightful art of crafting mooncakes, and a feast of food!

This heartwarming conclusion truly exemplified the success of our event, reminding us that when we unite with a shared purpose, we can create lasting joy and make a positive impact on those who need it most.

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