Seah Hwee Joo

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Pasir Ris West Blk 650 (EY)

Seah Hwee Joo
9 May

“I am an eco-changemaker!” - Earth Day and SSDB Launch Party #SSDB2022

On 22nd April, we participated and celebrated Earth Day and SSDB Launch Party in school!

We invited our parents to join us for a virtual party. We performed “Turn off the tap” and “Rubbish belongs in the rubbish bin” to encourage our friends, teachers and families to cultivate good water conservation and 3R practices.

We showcased a video compilation of the pledges we made with our families to put in effort to save the Earth 🌏!

Our child emcees shared about our green initiatives projects in school.

We also took the change to introduce and launch our decorated recycling bins to our families.

Next, we went outdoor to plant vegetables at our commmunity garden, using the seeds from NParks, and with the help from our teachers and neighbours. We had so much fun scooping and pouring, using the gardening tools made from recycled items.

The N2 children repotted their onion plants and brought it home. Together with their families, they will be observing and completing some activities with their onion plants for the next three months.

We had so much fun today and we look forward to more green initiatives projects that will empower us to champion and advocate for environmental issues that matters to us, our families and our communities.


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