Ms Jeannie Anne Salve Alvarez Luces

Spring Brainy Kidz @ Ubi

Ms Jeannie Anne Salve Alvarez Luces
2 Sep 2020

“Elmer the Elephant”: Learning About Differences

Every individual is unique. There’s no two people are alike because no one has the same face, size, skills, strengths and weaknesses. 

“I am special, you are special”, this rhyme were introduced to the children at the start of the activity. The children were asked some questions about the short rhyme like what is the song about, what it says about them and about other people. Children also learned some new words like “unique” and why it is okay to be different.

They were also introduced to the book entitled “Elmer the Elephant”. The children enjoyed the story a lot. They were asked about their experiences about the Elephant. During and after reading, they were asked some questions related to the story. The children also decorated their own unique elephant using a template.

After decorating, they shared their work to their peers and asked to share why their elephant is unique and how it is unique.

Their works were displayed and whenever they see it, they still share to their peers how their elephant is unique.

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