Nurhafizah Sa'at

E-Bridge Pre-school (Sengkang)

Nurhafizah Sa'at
1 Aug

‘Stompers’ Ensemble’

E-Bridge Pre-School (20 Sengkang Square) launched our ‘Start Small Dream Big’ project called Stompers’ Ensemble’ on 8 May 2020.

We invited our parents to join us for the first session; Launch Party via ZOOM. With a pre-recorded video of the teachers dancing to the song titled ‘Move Your Body’, we invited the children to dance and sing-along while following the dance steps. The objective of the project is to give back to the society.

A group of 20 children was spilt into two sessions. The children showed excitement and participated actively in the dance at the comfort of their homes.

The group was then invited to participate in groups of 5 for better facilitation. The children were invited to share what they already know about ‘body percussion’ as the teachers recorded their sharing.

Following that, the children watched and listened intently to know more actions that are considered as ‘body percussion’. The focus of this session was ‘upper body percussion’ where the children shared about ideas on how they could use their upper body parts and the actions to make sounds.

In conjunction of Mother’s Day Celebration, the Launch Party celebrated our heroines ‘Mothers’. A Mother’s Day song was introduced to the children. With the knowledge of ‘body percussion’ and the actions that they could perform with their upper body parts, they brainstormed for ideas while being facilitated by the teachers, and decided on four actions that they would like to include, while accompanying the Mother’s Day song to celebrate the occasion.

In a big group, mummies were invited to sing along with the accompanying actions to the Mother’s Day song.

Following this Launch Party, our project will entail experiences that enhance appreciation to arts; music and promote opportunities to give back to society.

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