Nurhafizah Sa'at

E-Bridge Pre-school (Sengkang)

Nurhafizah Sa'at
1 Aug

‘Stompers’ Ensemble’ <br/>SSDB Exploring Tempo through Body Percussion

Our Kindergarten 1 children revisited ‘body percussion’ upon their return from the Circuit Breaker. With the recollection of the past experiences that they had via ZOOM, the children named some body percussion movements.

This experience was integrated with the element of music; tempo where the children were introduced to the tempo, fast and slow. We then brainstormed for some movements that represent the speed of the music.

Our children explored different body percussion movements where they discussed and planned for different body percussion movements that match the ‘fast’ and ‘slow’ music. Upon finalising the body percussion movements, the children then danced to the song. The selected actions were ‘jumping’ for the ‘fast’ tempo and ‘moonwalk’ for the ‘slow’ tempo.

Moving forward, our children will explore ‘tempo’ with the use of musical instruments.

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