Nurhafizah Sa'at

E-Bridge Pre-school (Sengkang)

Nurhafizah Sa'at
1 Aug

‘Stompers’ Ensemble’ <br/>SSDB Exploring Body Percussion through Ethnic Music

The Kindergarten 1 children were invited to film a dance video for our Hari Raya Celebration 2020. We then took the opportunity to revisit ‘Body Percussion Movement’. Exposure to the Malay ethnicity songs and musical instruments were also shared with the children.

Our children shared that the movement involved the coordination on both hand and foot work. The movement involved swaying of the body and the wrist twirling movement.

This experience has given the exposure of different ethnicities that made up the uniqueness of ‘Singapore’. 

Our children were introduce to the meaning of the lyrics of the song.

Through the Malay song, the children were able to appreciate the Malay language where they could be heard singing along to the melody while dancing.

‘Arts’ is definitely expressed as a universal language.

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