Ong En Hui

Learning Vision @ Novena

Ong En Hui
31 Aug 2018

"请问你要买八宝茶吗?" Charity Sales begin!

It is the start of the charity sales! The children put on their hats and got into their positions as they eagerly wait for their customers!

“Can I have one please?” Children from other classes participated in the sales too! 

We are so glad to have such kind and supportive parents! Sales was great even as we have our pre-sales booth before the actual sales carnival! 

“We have to protect the money we earned!”

We had support from our own staff as well! Charity is for all! 

Thank you all for your generous support to the elderly and needy in our community. 

Kindness is for all and as we give, we set the examples for children to follow. Giving can start from young, through little small deeds, bit by bit, impacting lives and shaping little hearts.

Thank you! ❤

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