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Ang Kailin
16 Oct 2021

Zumba Dance with the Seniors from NTUC Health Day Centre for Seniors (Marsiling)

As a collaboration with Start Small Dream Big and Community Chest, Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) has partnered us with NTUC Health Day Centre for Seniors (Marsiling) for the intergenerational programme. 

For this National Day, we hope that the children and the seniors are able to come together to celebrate the unity of Singaporeans and to encourage each other in this Covid 19 pandemic. We have planned a virtual zoom session for the Nursery and Kindergarten 2 children to meet the seniors from NTUC Health Day Centre for Seniors (Marsiling).  

The children lead the seniors in singing the national anthem and recite the Singapore pledge together.  

The children had the opportunity to speak with the seniors virtually where they introduce themselves, send regards to each other and introduce the performances that they have prepared for them. 

The Nursery and K2 children took turns to perform the National Day Zumba dances – ‘Because it’s Singapore’ and ‘Our Singapore’ for the senior residents and encouraged them to join in the fun! The children had specially prepared the seated version of ‘Dance of the Nation’ for the senior residents. 

The children were excited to meet the seniors and interact with them. They were enthusiastic to show and teach the seniors the dance moves that they have learnt. The children are looking forward to meet them again!

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