Raden Nur Afiqa Binte Norazlan

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Tampines North Blk 443 (CC)

Raden Nur Afiqa Binte Norazlan
15 Oct 2021

ZOOM session with Parents - Presenting 3D Auction crafts for SSDB Fundraising Event

After creating their 3D crafts, children presented their work to their parents through ZOOM. During the sessions, children described and shared on the various materials they used to create their crafts and explained more on how their creations can be used at home. For instance, they have made jewellery holders, wind chimes, stationery jars, storages, flower case and many more! Teachers have also further explained on the silent auction so as to enhance their understanding on the bidding process. Through the session, parents have provided feedbacks on how they are pleased with how the children are inculcated with great values in showing care, love and respect animals around them.

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