Frances Ignacio

E-Bridge Pre-School (Fernvale)

Frances Ignacio
7 Jul

Zoom Call with the Down Syndrome Association

Last 19th June 2020, Down Syndrome Association (DSA) was invited by E-Bridge Fernvale for an interactive Zoom call with their learners. The K1 and K2 students were given a chance to acquaint themselves with DSA beneficiaries by asking questions such as “What do you work as?” “What is your favourite food?” “Who are your favourite superheroes?”.

The DSA beneficiaries enjoyed answering our students’ question and getting to know them! They also came up with their own questions and sharing. Our E-Bridge students concluded the call by serenading them a heartwarming song and dance performance, to which the children with down syndrome responded by cheering a good job chant! It was indeed a fun and meaningful virtual meet-up.

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