Nabizah Zafarah

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Nanyang Blk 934 (KN)

Nabizah Zafarah
31 Jul 2020

Welcome to the launch of Start Small Dream Big Project 2020.

Caring and Sharing Hearts!

We were blissed and blessed to launch our wonderful SSDB project on Wednesday, 15th July 2020. Start Small Dream Big project is meaningful and purposeful for our young explorers to be involved to display and share their cares and responsibilities towards our society.

Both classes, K2A (Harmony) & K2B (Synergy), were excited and earnest to work as a team to launch the project. Our young children were eager to learn how they can contribute positively by sharing their Love, Care and Thoughtfulness for our elders.

Before the implementation of ‘Circuit Breaker’, our young K2 SSDB project leaders planned, prepared and presented the ideas and objectives of the project to their peers. Children had a lively discussion and raised interesting questions on how to implement and carry out with the project.

Our K2 children were excited and worked well as a team to show initiatives, responsibilities and ownership in preparing and designing the SSDB Launch. The children created a beautiful wall mural depicting the theme of the project. Together, our children identified 8 key words describing the essence of the project. They are:-

  • Care - Caring for the society

  • Kind - Showing Kindness to the needy

  • Grateful - Be grateful to what we have

  • Sharing - Share our love and care for family,  friends and community. 

  • Helpful - Give our helping hands to the needy

  • Love - Love to be involved in this SSDB project

  • Thoughtful - Always be thoughtful and help people in need.

  • Happy - Feeling very happy to be involved in such project

The children were excited, happy and proud to put up and display their wonderful art works and photos on the wall as they launched the SSDB project.

K2 children were proud to create SSDB song by themselves. They excitedly sang the song to the tune of ‘One People, One Nation, One Singapore’. In addition, they also put up a ‘PoundFit’ performance as they sang the song. Other children were excited to involve in playing the musical instruments during the performance. All children had a wonderful time.  Outstanding and Incredible effort!

The wonderful journey of Caring & Sharing has just begun by our kind K2 children. Children would plan for more discussions and share ideas soon to move forward with the SSDB 2020 project to be successful. The K2 children’s enthusiasm, excitement, passion and pride for the project is inspirational to all.

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