PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Nanyang Blk 934 (KN)

Block 934 Jurong West St 91 #01-329
Principal: Mahani Binte Taib
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Ednoland program

PCF Nanyang Blk 934 uses Ednoland as a learning material. Ednoland is a robot like machine that enables the children to listen to stories, play games as well as watch videos. All these activities on the Ednoland machine helps the children learn their numeracy and literacy. Ednoland also give the teacher more information for the theme the teacher is teaching. This helps the teacher to better understand the topic they are going to touch on and can hence deliver the lesson better to the children.

Enrichment classes

PCF Nanyang Blk 934 has a tuition program that is determined by the teacher. Hence the timing varies and the lesson taught varies as well. However these programs are once a week. This tuition program is to help the K2 children who are weaker to catch up and also to help those who are already good with the topic to retain the information better. Secondly, the centre has abacus classes. It is optional as it depends if the parents would like to enroll their child in. Abacus is known to improve the memory of the child and improve the spatial awareness of the child. It also helps the child to solve mathematical problems faster and trains and activates the right brain more.

Independent learners

The centre tries to promote independence for their classes. The “click and create” project is an example. This project allows the children use the camera to take pictures of what they like. After which the children will develop the photographs and write a story based on the picture they took. It is a form of independent learning as the teacher does not guide too much or restrict the kind of photos they can take. This activity also enables a child to express their creativity as their writing is not restricted. In addition the decorations in the classrooms are decorated by the students themselves. Through this event, the children will get to learn how to plan and organize. This teaches the children planning skills, team work, allow them to express creativity and learn about spatial awareness.

In future the teacher would like to introduce debate where the children will learn how to debate based on simple topics for example “should homework be abolished”. Currently, they do have show and tell where they will share about something that happened with their classmates on Mondays. This promotes their language skills and makes the children more vocal. The children’s learning is also project based. This means that the children will think about what they want to know and come up with a topic. After which they will proceed to find out what they want to know with their parents and share with the class about what they have found out. Teachers on the other hand will also research about the topic and share more about it with the class and have activities to follow up and close the topic.

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