Siti Zulaifa Sukardi

Iyad Perdaus Child Development (JE)

Siti Zulaifa Sukardi
24 Oct

Week 12: ‘Nature and Me!’ – Closure to SSDB 2020 Project

As Singapore is still in the post-circuit breaker Phase 2, and no visitors are allowed into the centre’s premises still, the teachers ensured that the closure to the project was fun and engaging for the little gardeners while maintaining good hygiene and observing safety measures. Like how it is conducted since Week 1, the little gardeners were divided into 2 teams and the different activities were conducted concurrently before they switched.

We kicked things off with the presentation of the storybooks written by the little gardeners themselves! 1 book was written from a seed/plant’s point of view while the other 1 was an information book about gardening.

The process of making the books was very enriching for the little gardeners – from coming out with the storyboards, to writing down the lines, illustrating the pictures and putting everything together. The teachers were amazed to see their capabilities! It could also be seen on the little gardeners’ faces that they were very proud of their masterpieces when they took turns presenting their storybook to each other.

Next, the little gardeners took turns entering the garden to harvest the bean plants.

The final segment of the closure was viewing of montages prepared by the teachers. The 1st montage is a compilation of the little gardeners’ reflections. They had to share 1 thing that they had learnt from this gardening project.

The other montage was a surprise for the little gardeners! The teachers compiled pictures of the little gardeners in action throughout the SSDB project – both in school and at home and made them into a video. They were so excited to see their pictures on the screen and they kept pointing out to their friends each time they appeared. Some of them even asked the teachers, “When did you take my picture, teacher?” because they were shocked to see pictures of them at home being displayed during the montage.

The vice principal was also around to celebrate the joyous occasion (closure to SSDB 2020 Project) and she gave a short congratulatory speech to both the little gardeners and the teachers for successfully completing this year’s project. Before we dispersed, one of the teachers brought down the SSDB banner to officiate the end of the project.

It was also heart-warming to find out that the parents enjoyed their gardening journey at home. They were so amazed when their child shared knowledge they gained such as the different types of fertilisers to use and good watering tips!

And this marks the end of our involvement in this year’s SSDB! Till next year :)

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