Relente Geneva Carla De Guzman

EB0002 E-Bridge Pre-School (615B Edgefield Plains)

Relente Geneva Carla De Guzman
20 Aug 2022

We Are One!

The K2 children from E-Bridge Pre-School at 615 continued to raise awareness on the importance of embracing diversity. After brainstorming on how each of them can express their respect for diversity, they created posters to help other children understand the value of accepting their differences through actions. On the posters they wrote:

  1. We include everyone in our group.

  2. We use polite words.

  3. We respect all cultures and traditions.

  4. We respect everyone’s food choices.

  5. We respect all languages.

These posters were displayed on the wall outside the school’s main bay. Through these, the K2 children hope to expand everyone’s understanding on why embracing diversity is important; whether in school, at work, and in their own families.

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