Teacher Joy

Kidz Meadow Childcare @ Jurong West

Teacher Joy
10 May 2021

We are Environmentally Friendly: We made posters!

To end the project month, N2A children made posters to convey a message to everyone about saving the planet and recycling. They were divided into two groups and split their duties to practice safe distancing.

First, they wrote the message on a cartolina paper.

When the message was written, they also coloured it using paints and crayons. They even decorated it with recycled materials like egg carton cut outs, bubble wrap and bottle caps.

Look how proud they were on the outcome of their hardwork!

Project month may come to an end but everyone in N2A class will continue to practice the 3R’s: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. We hope you will be doing the same way, too.

Save the Earth, Recycle! 💜

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