Teacher Maria

Kidz Meadow Childcare @ Jurong West

Teacher Maria
10 May 2021

We are Environmentally Friendly (3Rs): Save My World 🌎

In lined with our DEEP Project theme, the children also learned the song Save My World. After creating their DIY musical instruments using various recyclable materials, the children used it as they performed in front of the class and sing “Save My World”. 

The children looked proud as they used their musical instrument. They were able to learn the song right away and sing it on their own. The rest of the class were supportive and cheerful towards their friends.

The lesson was concluded by asking the children to reflect about the message of the song. The children were able to give great answers like, it is our role, as people, to take care of animal, plants and other people so that more lives will stay longer and healthier. They showed genuine concern towards the sea creatures and express their desire to plant more trees in order to save the world.

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