Teacher Maria

Kidz Meadow Childcare @ Jurong West

Teacher Maria
14 Jul 2020

We are Environmentally Friendly (3Rs): DIY Musical Instruments

After the activity on sorting recyclable materials, the K2 children then created a musical instrument using different recyclable materials. The children had the freedom and creativity to choose which materials to use. They also decorated their craft using various media of art to express their creativity and uniqueness.

The children were enthusiastic when selecting their resources!

The children exhibited patience in waiting for their turn and gave their best during this craft activity!

Our centre is also exploring the benefits of “process-art”. This meant that the focus is more on planning art activities that would help reflect each child’s uniqueness and discover their artistic side, hence focusing on the process of creation instead of the end product. Overall, the product should be 100% authentic and made by the children independently (or with minimal guidance from teacher).

Here are some examples of the children’s finished product. Great job, K2 children! 😊

The children persevered over long hours to create their musical instrument and were patient in waiting for their turn. The K2 children were also happy to see their work and praised one another for a job well done.

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