Cikgu Siti

Kidz Meadow Childcare @ Jurong West

Cikgu Siti
14 Jul 2020

We are Environmentally Friendly(3Rs): Lets Reduce Water Wastage!

There are many steps that we can take to reduce wastage so that this world is a much cleaner environment. Reducing water wastage is one of them!

We use water regularly for various activities such as showering, handwashing, toothbrushing and even our centre’s cook uses water to prepare our food! However we must reduce the wastage of water. Therefore the N2B children did a simple activity to ensure that we are not wasting water!

In order to emphasize on how precious water is and hence we must only use what we need, the children were given only a bottle of water to wash their hands! Let’s make every drop count!

The N2B took on the challenge! Small efforts can make a difference. Remember to reduce water wastage!

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