Teacher Sya

Kidz Meadow Childcare @ Jurong West

Teacher Sya
14 Jul 2020

We are Environmentally-Friendly (3Rs): Things I can Recycle!

The Kindergarten 1 children from Kidz Meadow @ Jurong West had built on their basic foundation of recycling. The Kindergarten 1 children were shown a picture of Singapore’s recycling bin. Majority of them were familiar with the recycling bin and its logo as well as the colour of the bin. They were also aware of its existence, with one of them located just outside our classroom.

The Kindergarten 1 children exhibited team work and took turns among themselves as they participated in an indoor activity where they sorted waste into its corresponding bins. Bins made of cardboard were provided in this activity to further reinforce the concept of recycling. One is a recycling bin and the other is a thrash bin. They were able to identify the bins correctly especially by looking at the recycling logo.

Majority of the Kindergarten 1 children were also able to name 4 examples of recyclable materials which were mainly plastic, paper, metal and glass. This activity enables them to distinguish between recyclable and non-recyclable materials. Some children helped their peers who were facing difficulties by reminding them to refer to the whiteboard. It was definitely an engaging lesson that provided an opportunity for children to appreciate the importance of recycling.

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