Teacher Sya

Kidz Meadow Childcare @ Jurong West

Teacher Sya
30 Jun 2020

We are Environmentally-Friendly (3Rs): K1’s Launch Party 2020!

As part of SSDB launch party, the children in Kidz Meadow Jurong West worked around the theme of “We are Environmentally-Friendly”. In hopes to instil positive values such as responsibility and awareness in the Kindergarten 1 children, I kickstart the first week of post-circuit breaker by introducing the 3Rs to them and relate it to a popular song entitled “Save My World”. By the end of the week, they could remember the lyrics of the song by heart.

Besides understanding the meaning of the song and singing to the lyrics , I focused on one of the music elements known as steady beat. Instead of using readymade musical instruments, I encouraged the Kindergarten 1 children to create their own D.I.Y musical instrument. It definitely made the lesson interesting and engaging. They just love anything hands-on! They were given the option to choose which recycled materials they would love to paint to create their own D.I.Y maracas. Most of them chose the Vitagen bottle instead of the common recycled materials such as toilet roll or a plastic bottle.

With the D.I.Y maracas that they have created, the Kindergarten 1 children sang their hearts out to “Save my World” while demonstrating steady beat. It was really heartwarming to know they are aware of the environmental damages caused by human.

“We need to save this world, we hope that you can understand” - A reminder for us in Kidz Meadow Jurong West as well as to everyone. So, let’s do our part!

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