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5 Jul 2019

Visit to St John's home

Date: 24 May 2019

Venue: st John’s home for the elderly

Finally the day where we bring our learning, gifts and accompany to the old folks. Children are excited about their field trip there!

We begin with a song dedicated to the old folks. Followed by a warm up exercise led by the children, we have very sporty old uncle and aunty who join us in the front!

After exercising, children share their collection of donations to the elderly. Smiles gleaming from their faces.

We moved onto our main activity number 1 where the children work together with the uncle and aunty on the game BINGO!

They helped each other look for the numbers, circle them up and hoped for the best! And after 30mins. We have a winner!

The grand prize goes to this aunty, followed by a hug from our friendly little ssdb warrior! ❤ so heart warming to see the little ones enjoying themselves as well as the old folks!

Last but not least, our mkk children has been learning about gardening for the past few months. And its time to pass this knowledge onto the others, bring some colors and joy to them

We brought the materials to do planting with them! We are planting the flower marigold, from seedlings. Before hand, children has grow the seeds into seedlings before going to the home. Step by step our mkk children guide the elderly meticulously. From putting the soil, to the seedlings, fertilizer, and decorations. Welcome team!

Everybody had fun & the old folks loved us ❤ They like the time with the children and are looking forward for the marigold flower to blossom, adding beautiful sight to their home!

We’ll be back see you soon!

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