Nur Insyirah Binte Muliyatno

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Tampines North Blk 443 (CC)

Nur Insyirah Binte Muliyatno
14 Oct 2019

Visit to Lion Befrienders @ Blk 434 Tampines

The second event for the SSDB Project is a visit to the Lion Befrienders. The Nursery Two, Kindergarten One and Kindergarten Two children went to the Lion Befrienders on Monday, 22nd July 2019. They interact with the elderly and also conduct cultural performances. The Nursery Two children sing the ‘Skidamarink’ song while the K1

performed the Indian dance titled ‘Jai Ho’. The k2 children performed the Malay and Chinese song titled ‘Chan Mali Chan’ and ‘Tong Yao’. It was great to see the smiles on the elderly faces as they join in the sing along sessions and is happy to watched the children performances.

It was a meaningful SSDB learning journey for everyone who participate in this project. This project has contributed greatly towards the children’s learning. The children learnt how to show care towards the community, recognize the different types of traditional arts and the importance of respecting diversity. During the implementation of the SSDB

project, the teachers work collaboratively with our stakeholders, parents and community in achieving the aim to inculcate the value of respect and care to others.

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