J. Indrani

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J. Indrani
30 Aug 2021

Uniting Our Hearts; Treasuring Our Pioneers ( SSBD Launch Party 2021)

Back in April 2021, we launched our project for SSDB titled ‘ Uniting Our Hearts; Treasuring Our Pioneers’. This is the first time that we are participating in SSDB and embarking on something meaningful. The objective of our project is to express our appreciation and gratitude to the pioneers of Singapore for their contribution during the early years of Singapore. We also wanted to stay connected with our pioneers who were living in nursing homes as we believed that the pandemic would have caused an impact on them. Hence, in an effort to appreciate them and to cheer them up, we embarked on this project.

We began the launch party by discussing about our pioneers and their contributions to Singapore and how Co-Vid19 would have impacted them. We also discussed about the activities that they will be participating in for the next few months together with their teachers and parents. As part of the project, the children made special cards for their grandparents with lots of love. They also learnt to use technology to stay connected with their grandparents during this pandemic and now, they are busy preparing for their upcoming virtual performance specially planned for the elderlies at the nursing home!


It definitely feels great to see our children engaging in meaningful activities that instills dispositions such as appreciation and reflectiveness. See you soon in our next post!

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