Nuraashiqin Fatima Binte Mohamed Allim

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Queenstown Blk 53A (CC)

Nuraashiqin Fatima Binte Mohamed Allim
5 May

Twinkle in your Wrinkle

Take home activity project with children and families

  • My Pledge to make a Difference 

  • Dry up your tears handkerchief designing 

  • Aged to Perfection 

Take a look at their wonderful masterpieces worked alongside with familes for our project!

They wrote pledges together with their families, designed handkerchieves for the elderly’s to share love and to let them know that ‘we are always here for you’ and lastly they predicted how they would look like in the future when aged and drew the other halves! 

From these activities, children have learnt that regardless of age, we have to spread love and kindness to one another. The wrinkles and ‘lines’ on our faces does not matter, all that matters is the smilies on their faces. 

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