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PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Hong Kah North Blk 750 (kn)

Foo Soo Khuen
28 Aug 2017

Title: Re-Re-Re Reduce Reuse Recycle

1) Virtual Launch Party: 3rd April 2017, Saturday

All children received the SSDB ambassador hat and sticker.

Teachers read Karung Guni Boy to the children of all levels, Pre-Nursery to K2.

Parents from the Parent Support Group made the recycled bins for the project. Four types of materials will be collected which included paper, plastic, metal and fabric. 2) Community Event: 1st July 2017, SaturdayName of event: Re-Re-Re Reduce Reuse Recycle

Teachers made the banner for the event.

Pre-Nursery children pasted the SSDB stickers on the recycle bags.

Nursery and K1 children made hand prints on the recycle bags.

We partnershiped with the Hong Kah North Residence Committe Zone 7. They supported the event by posting the activity on the notice board. They provided helium balloons on the day.

The NEA, National Environment Agency provided five exhibit boards exhibiting the environmental issues comprising 3Rs, Reduce Reuse Recycle; Clean Toilets, Anti-litering; Dengue Prevention and Energy Efficiency.

The teachers and parentshelped to weigh the used items donated by the residents.

The RC volunteer, parents, teacher and the K2 children sorted out the donated items. The items were put into different categories which included paper, plastic, metal and the fabric. 3) Learning journey to the AVA, Pets for Life.

Date: 6/7/2017.

The K2 children visited the AVA at Sungei Tengah Road.

They watched a video about the abandoned dog. They had a short briefing on how to be a responsible pets owner.

The staff introduced the food for the cats, rabbits, genie pigs, terrapins and chinchilla.

They learned about the living environment and lives spans of the pets.

The children had the opportunity to touch the pets.

They learned to make rabbit toys which would be donated to HRSS, The House Rabbit Society of Singapore.

The staff, parent and the children had a fruitful experience. It was an informative session and what’s more the children had the first hand experience to feel the pets.

The children participated the follow up activity after the learning journey. They were encouraged to share the knowledge with people around them. The shared knowledge was written on the bookmark. The participants would then acknowledged on the bookmark. 4) AVA Show and Tell session

Date: 11/7/2017

The AVA staff, Miss Maggie brought two rabbits to the Centre. She shared with the children the food that the rabbits feed on and their behaviours. She also shared with the children how to be a responsible pets owner.

The children had the opportunity to touch the rabbits.

After the session, they participated the follow up activity by sharing their knowledge with others. 5) Delivered the rabbit toys.

Date: 8/8/2017

The rabbit toys made by the children during the AVA visit were delivered to the volunteer from HRSS. She kept four rabbits in her residential house at Commonwealth Close.It was a meaningful and enriching experience for the children.

From the project the children learn the importance of recycling used items in order to reduce waste to protect our earth. They have better understanding of the pets and thus are more conscious of their responsibility to the animals. The experience raised their self esteem when they go round sharing with others what they had learned from the staff of the AVA.

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