Star Learners @ one-north

4 Apr

Tasting Time!

The children had taken care of different type of crops and they had harvested many of the vegetables for tasting. They had success with watermelons, lettuce, brinjals and chilli. However we also encountered difficulties planting other crops such as tomatoes, onions etc. 

Through these setbacks, the children learnt important habits of mind, which is to persevere and keep trying despite the failures. Through these activities, they also developed an appreciation for nature and farmers. The children’s enthusiasm and passion for growing crops have also rubbed off on their parents. We have several parents giving us plant cuttings such as mulberry and emperor sprouts (just to name a few) from their house. Many parents have also shared that their children often share updates about the crops and their battle with pests(our garden can be swamped with snails sometimes) and they stop by to admire our crops when sending their children to school and fetching them home. 

As this gardening project has bonded everyone together, we have decided to keep this garden and continue our planting journey!

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