Nur Hafiza Binte Zaini

My First Skool @ Woodlands Blk 688C

Nur Hafiza Binte Zaini
17 May 2022

Staying connected with our elderlies!

As the pandemic hit us in the recent years, our children at My First Skool Blk 688C Woodlands were not able to visit the seniors at NTUC Health Senior Day Care (Marsiling) in a really long time. We decided to create an artwork where the seniors can remember us fondly by hence, we had partnered up with them to create a joint canvas artwork! Our children and Teachers came together to discuss how they would like to create and design their artwork before passing the canvasses over to the seniors to complete the other half! It was truly a great and meaningful experience to be able to create an artwork, beautifully done to show our care to the seniors ❤️

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