Quilala Lira Ravanera

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ MacPherson Blk 54 (CC)

Quilala Lira Ravanera
6 Nov 2023

Start Small Dream Big (SSDB) Closing Activity: “Caring for the Environment - Clean-up Drive”

Step into the heartwarming world of our SSDB Closing Activity at PCF Sparkletots @Macpherson Blk 54, where we transformed our young learners into environmental heroes with a mission! Join us in this captivating video compilation as we revisit the exhilarating moments of our ‘Caring for the Environment - Clean-up Drive’ finale.

This closing activity provided a significant and instructive experience. It effectively conveyed the value of environmental responsibility, community engagement, and the joy derived from contributing positively to the world for our children from Playgroup to K2.

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