Bethel Day Care Centre

15 Aug 2017

Start Small Dream Big Project, Phase 1: Showing kindness to the elderly in the family and public

As inter-generational gap between the younger generation and older folks in Singapore widens, misconception of the older generation may arise.

As such, Bethel Day Care Centre has decided to collaborate with All Saints Home (ASH) with the aim of bridging the two generations.

All Saints Home is a voluntary welfare organization (VWO) that provides nursing and rehabilitative therapy to the elderly sick and chronically-ill for all races and religions in the community. 

Bethel Day Care Centre aims to be a blessing to them through various actions and activities such as building a relationship with the residents at ASH, providing monetary support and food contributions.

In order to achieve that, children had to first learn and understand who the elderly are, how they have helped the younger generation and how the younger generation can give back to them. 

Children learnt about caring for the elderly through group discussions and role-play. Eventually, the K1 and K2 children brainstormed and came up with a list of kind deeds for the elderly, such as combing their hair, giving a massage, helping with the laundry, keeping the lift open for others and the list goes on! 

With this list, children went home and showed kindness to the elderly in their family and some even went as far as showing care to the elderly in the public! We are so proud of them!

The children then came back with a photograph each and shared about their experience and feelings.

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