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2 Nov 2023

SSDB: Part 3 (April to September 2023) “We See, We Hear We Care and show our Respect to Others!”

Last June-July, the K2s were out and about to explore and observe how they can share and express their Care and Concern as well as Respect to the community! After identifying everyday community helpers through observations, as well as during class fieldtrips within our school’s vicinity, our K2s brainstormed on several ideas on how they may reach out to others!

During the recent visit to North Bridge Road wet market, they met and observed very unique community workers such as the surveyors, contractors as well as the canal rubbish disposal workers! The children were in awe watching instruments used such as the rodometer, opisometer, as well as how the workers cleared huge furniture at the rubbish disposal chute and how they collected rubbish at the huge canal near North Bridge Road. The children definitely reflected how tough their job were, especially under the scorching sun.

Many other community workers include the fishmongers, butchers, florists, fruit sellers, tailors and postmen. Aside from handing them the Kindness card as a way to thank them, our K2s also had an enjoyable time making conversations with the elderly and even gathered their confidence to purchase ingredients at the market to create their self-cook Tang Yuan and Sweet Potato soup back in school!

To summarise their learning for the value of Respect, they had a reflection session and discussed ways on how they should be mindful of the work of others, as well as acknowledging the importance of everybody’s job scope in the community. Aside learning to interact respectfully with these community workers and the elderly, our K2s were also able to articulate ways to show respect back to people close to their heart especially in school and at home. Way to go, K2s!

Do look out for the final post on our SSDB project as a wrap-up to this 6 month project and outreach by end of September!


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