Christina Cheong

My First Skool @ Choa Chu Kang 4

Christina Cheong
28 Apr 2021

SSDB @ MFSCCK4: Bingo Game with Elders through a Live Session [Sharing is Caring]

In the month of April, children spent time with elderlies in St Luke Elderly Care through a Bingo Game to create awareness on Earth Day.

Children created relevant posters on how we can protect our Earth. Some posters created were titled ‘Sort the rubbishes into respective bins’ and ‘Off the lights when not in use’.

Using the posters, we created Bingo templates that are appropriate for elderlies to engage in. Children had a virtual live session with over 70 elderlies. It was a wonderful opportunity for children to spend some quality time to care for the elderlies and to speak about recycling.

Children also enjoyed a game of Bingo and shared with their peers on how to play their part to care for the environment.

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