Tandiama Via Allona Abella

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Eunos Blk 620 (CC)

Tandiama Via Allona Abella
15 May

SSDB Launch Party 2024: Spread Love, Show Care & Concern! @ PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Eunos Blk 620 (CC)

It’s time to party! Indeed, we had our Start Small Dream Big (SSDB) launch party last 10 May, Friday, with Becky and friends!

  • We danced along “Step-by-Step” and “I Love My Family” songs. 

  • We learnt about Becky’s adventure through the story, “Becky and the Great Outdoors!” which showed the importance of showing care & concern to others.

  • We played memory card games and completed activities from Families For Life!

  • We had delicious biscuits too!

It was such a warm party, with our loving friends and teachers! See you in our next SSDB journey!

Have a great time watching our video 🤗

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