Vanessa Pang

Bethel Day Care Centre

Vanessa Pang
30 Apr 2021

SSDB Launch Party 2021 - Bethel Connects, Better Together | More Snapshots

Launching SSDB 2021 together - all decked in orange and with excitement filling the air

Let the games begin!

Ring Together - the children moving the hula hoop down the line without letting go of each other’s hand

Pull Together - this game takes much coordination as every team member has to pull/release the rubberband at the same time!

The children rose to the challenge and displayed team work.

Ball Pass - with skill and balance, the children need to work together to pass the ball down the row

Pass it On! - using straws and rubber bands, the children need to pass the rubber bands from one end to the other

Can you spot the 4 SSDB mascots?

It was indeed a fun and eventful SSDB Launch Party!

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