Yong Mei Yee Deborah

My Little Campus @ Bedok Reservoir

Yong Mei Yee Deborah
12 May

SSDB Launch 2021

We have launched our ‘Start Small Dream Big’ project on 7 May 2021 with our Nursery, Kindergarten 1 and Kindergarten 2 children. Our topic is ‘Save the Ocean: Let’s bin it’. We want to emphasize on the current issues that is happening in the ocean. The objectives of the project are to recognise the various marine life and their habitats, and to raise awareness on pollution in the ocean.

After watching the SSDB video, the children have a better understanding of the project. They also have an introduction to our topic and discuss on what can we do to achieve our objectives.

Nursery read an information book regarding the marine life and they showed great interest in the topic.

K1 did a topic web on this. In line with the IGP project, the children have been reading books and discussing photos regarding this topic. They also shared some thoughts on it.

After watching the SSDB video, K2 have many information to share on what they know regarding marine life. They are informative with the facts of various marine life e.g. Octopus, shark, whale and sea turtles.

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