Norshahila Binte Mohamad Sarip

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Pioneer Blk 987D (CC)

Norshahila Binte Mohamad Sarip
19 Jun

SSDB Finale: Celebrating Our Grands

It’s a wrap! For this year’s SSDB closing ceremony, the focus was on one of the main caregivers in our lives, our grandparents. Children from PCF Sparkletots @ Blk987D celebrated the wisdom, experiences and love that grandparents have brought into their lives.

 The N2, K1 and K2 children were involved in crafting using the “Celebrating Our Grands” Rosette Craft Kit and penning down their thoughts and conveying their appreciation to their grandparents.

Children also performed to one of the Families for Life Family song of their choice as a class.

At the end, children bonded with their grandparents through a short snack time session.


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