Van Verena

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Tampines Central Blk 713 (CC)

Van Verena
31 Aug

SSDB Family Involvement

Here are some photos of children completing activities when helping out their family members or to make someone smile. 

Naila made a thank you card to thank the Doctors and Nurses for taking care of her baby sister when she was sick and got admitted to the hospital.

Zacheus is seen helping his mummy to carry bags of groceries whilst on the way home from the market. He has also helped to wash the dishes at home. 

Bangling made her grandpa smile by accompanying him and playing chess together. What a quality bonding session!

Chloe helped to cut some fruits and served it to her grandparents. Not only that, she made a thank you card to show her appreciation towards them and even played with her baby cousin.

We look forward to having more pictures sent in!

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