Sunflower Preschool @ Punggol Field Walk

20 Sep 2021

SSDB: Energy conservation & Recycling

The decision and practice to use less energy is major to help save our mother earth. Hence,

PFW K2 children embarked on a topic all about saving energy and recycling to learn on how they can do their part! To kickstart their journey, children did a KWL brainstorm chart on how they can save energy and what energy is to them.

The K2s were engaged in multiple activities to understand the uses of energy and the importance of recycling. Together with their parents, they explored places in Singapore that are eco friendly. Children played various games and craft making to learn how to save energy and how they can do their part to recycle. I think this is good enough.

Throughout the project journey, children learnt that it is important to conserve energy and recycle as it preserves the future. The K2s stayed connected and made a difference to the community by advocating what they learnt, made awareness posters and even created pots using recycle materials to grow spring onions which was then given out to the community.

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