Nur Insyirah Binte Muliyatno

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Tampines North Blk 443 (CC)

Nur Insyirah Binte Muliyatno
14 Oct 2019

SSDB Activities- Batik Painting & Dragonfly Keychains

During the commencement of the SSDB Project, the teacher shared the story titled ‘Caring’ with the children and it spark off a discussion on how they could show care towards others-families, friends, teachers and the community. The teachers discussed with the children the project that they will be embarking in the next six months and these got them excited and eager to participate in this project as they would like to do their part in giving back to society.

Besides informing the children about this project, we also give out communication notes to inform parents about the SSDB project and also encouraged parents to work together in this project by volunteering their time and sharing of expertise. Some of the Kindergarten Two parents come in to assist in the SSDB activities-batik painting and making of Dragonfly keychains in preparation for the Fundraising session.

The teachers and parents work closely for the next two months to prepare the materials required and allocate time for parents to come into the classroom to teach the children on how to make the dragonfly keychains. Children also worked hard to practice the song and dance steps for their cultural performances. Apart from parents, Ms Syirah also liaise with the person-in-charge of the Lion Befrienders to schedule a date for a visit to allow children to interact and conduct cultural performances for the elderly.

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