Francia Francia Hermosura

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ MacPherson Blk 54 (CC)

Francia Francia Hermosura
7 Jun

SSDB 2022- “Brainstorming about Life in the Ocean”

Our centre is working towards saving marine wildlife and raising awareness to preserve the marine environment. Now is the time to take another step to equip the K1 and K2 children enough knowledge to achieve our mission.

KWL Chart works well in gathering information from them. They shared more than we expected. Here are the glimpse on how we gathered details for our chart:

With the help of the videos and stories we shared during Launching Party, the children wanted to know more about…

  1. What makes the fish die?

  2. How to clean the ocean?

  3. How do the fish and sea animals get their food?

  4. We want to know about shark’s teeth.

We will try to do more observations and experiments to answer the questions they raised today!

Come! Stay on track with our project cause we are just starting our mission.

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