She Weiting

Eshkol Valley @ Sengkang Pearl

She Weiting
1 Oct 2021

SSDB 2021: Towards a Zero Waste Nation ♻️

Moving forward and progressing towards a clean city, the children found ways to upcycle recyclable materials. The materials provided are a collaborative effort with Preschool Market and our Parents. Children were amazed by the generous amount of recyclable donations given as they explored the items with their peers.

Classes from each level produced captivating Sustainable Art creations according to the theme - Transportation.

Each level designed different vehicles with the recyclable materials provided. Here are moments of how their art experience went!

PG: Detergent Bottle Bus 🚌

N1: Train Metal Cans 🚂

N2: Knitted Bicycle Sculpture 🚲

K1: Bottle Boat 🛳

K2: Plane Assemblage 🛩

As time passed, children completed their long awaited pieces with the help and guidance from their beloved teachers! Here are several photographs of children’s art pieces!

Children loved the outcome of their work and they happily captured photos posing with them before bringing them back home 🏠.

This wonderful experience gave the teachers and children insight on the importance of reducing waste and becoming responsible consumers!

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