Melissa Nasir

Star Learners @ Woodlands

Melissa Nasir
9 Jun

SSDB 2021: Stay Connected and Make a Difference for the Pets

The children from Star Learners at Woodlands collaborated with the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals(SPCA) by creating awareness of caring for the animals. 

We got the parents and the children to share videos of them caring for their pets at home. The children were excited to share their experiences in class with their friends. 😃

Then, the parents and children contributed dry food,  toys and materials for us to donate to the SPCA. Their supports are truly appreciated. 

The children also made well wishes cards for SPCA, to give them encouragement for the good job that they have done thus far.

Let’s create a conducive environment not only for mankind but also for the flora and fauna.

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