Nursyahirah Binte Sukemi

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ MacPherson Blk 108 (KN)

Nursyahirah Binte Sukemi
23 Sep 2020

SSDB 2020 (#ColourfulCultures @ Mac): Neighbourhood Walk

In conjunction with the upcoming Chinese New Year, children went out for a neighbourhood walk to observe the decorations in the environment on 20 January 2020.

Children got to see the ornaments sold at the nearby market as well as fruits such as mandarin oranges and pomelos. They were able to point out to plenty of the decorations with rat images as it is the year of the Rat, based on the Chinese Zodiac Calendar.

Teachers ensured that children observed safety rules and practices such as putting hands up when crossing the road. Children also interacted with the elderly and people in the neighbourhood, such as by waving and greeting them.

Children were able to then revisit their experiences after the neighbourhood walk and shared with their friends about the things that they observed during the walk.

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