Geeta Singh

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Pioneer Blk 662b (kn)

Geeta Singh
29 Aug 2018

Sparkletots Preschool @662B Being Responsible Pet Owners

    Sparkletots Preschool Pioneer 662B took on the project “Being Responsible Pet Owners”. This project was taken with the aim to take care of pets those were abandoned by their owners. This project was done in collaboration with AVA and SPCA. 

     Representatives of AVA conducted show and tell with the rabbits under their care. The children had opportunity to comb the hair of rabbits after the show and tell. 

    There after the Centre decided to make toys for the abandoned dogs and cats which were under the care of SPCA. Recycled materials such as old socks, tennis balls and cartons were collected for toy making. Children and parents made toys for the cats and dogs using the recycled materials.

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