PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Pioneer Blk 662b (kn)

Block 662b Jurong West St 61,
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Extended Programs

PCF Pioneer Blk 662B adopts an extended program curriculum that focuses on science-based activity. Students get to explore and discover through science experiments. Classes in the center are in smaller group than most PCFs and there are several extended programs provided in the center.

Kindy cooking is a cookery class for K1 and K2 students. Parent volunteers and teachers will come and teach the students. From cooking, students can learn many areas of development such as numeracy, find motor skills and social skills interaction.

Junior Writers Program is a writing program for K1 and K2 students. They will be introduced to the different book genres and by the end of the year, students will get to produce their own book and published it. K1 students get to change characters, plots and even story lines of a story book while K2 students have more free expression which helps build their creativity and sentence structures. Students’ books will be presented during “Book Launch”.

Water play and Nature walk are catered to all levels. It allows students to explore using nature while bringing them out. At the same time, they are related to science and can be teach to the students.

Reading Program uses Rigby Rockets as their provider for all the different levels. Through this program, students will learn words and phonics during their small and large group reading.

This center also has Speech and Drama as part of their extended program for all levels with different focus. For the Nursery, S&D is their niche area and at the end of the year, the nursery students will perform for their parents. K1 students will perform during their end year party while K2 students will perform in their graduation concert and Book Launch.

Niche Learning Areas

PCF Pioneer Blk 662B has distinction in their learning center activities. Task cards in the learning centers have different level of difficulty and are always changing to have a wider exposure for the students. For the Pre-Nursery and Nursery students, their task cards will be mostly pictorial as this will slowly build their independence skills once they learn what each task card does.

Every class has a niche learning area. For Pre-Nursery class, the gym center is their niche as it trains their motor skill development. For the Nursery, their niche area is the dramatic corner which also ties in with their niche Speech and Drama extended program. It helps promote independence and self-help skills. For the K1, their niche learning area is the discovery corner where all the science experiments are. The themes for K1 are more on Science and the students will work with each other to explore and discover. K2 classes do not have a specific niche as all the learning areas are important to prepare them for Primary One.


Frontier CC and PCF Pioneer Blk 662B collaborates on their Art Fiesta where students will be invited to join and take part in the art competition.

The center collaborates with NLB so that the teachers can borrow various books for the students to read. Workshops are also organized for the students.

Emphasis on the Students

The center is decorated with a very homely atmosphere for the students so that they will be comfortable in their learning environment. Each class has a parent corner specially designed for parents to sit in their child’s class.

Parents-Teacher Conference in PCF Pioneer Blk 662B is very unique as well. Instead of the usual PTC, it is known as Student Led Conference. Students will use their portfolio and tell their parents what they have done, what they have enjoyed etc. Parents will be given a list of questions to help them prompt their child. This is to prepare them for Primary One to build confidence when present their portfolio to their parents. At the end, teachers will then give their feedback to the parents like PTC.

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