Geeta Singh

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Pioneer Blk 662b (kn)

Geeta Singh
28 Aug 2017

Parental Involvement in Making Toys for Abandoned Pets

This year Sparkletots Preschool @ Poineer 662b embarked on a project known as “Being Responsible Pet Owners”for SSBD.The project was centered on parental Involvement in making toys for abandoned cats and dogs which were in care of SPCA. The project started with a launch party.During the launch party parents and children made balloon dog sculptures and the project was officially launched by ribbon cutting by the Center Principal.

Following that was a sharing session on “Taking Care of Pets” which was organized for the children by the representative from AVA. During the sharing session,the children learnt how to take care of pets . They also enjoyed feeding and petting real rabbits which were brought in.

Next,the school collaborated with the community for collecting the recycling materials.NTUC provided cartons, People’s Association Family Life Champions contributed used tennis balls and Jurong West Secondary School (JWSS) helped with getting used long socks.

There after, the parents and the children gathered for “Toys Making Sessions” . They made cats scratchers and stuffed tenis ball toys. The children stuffed balls into socks while the parents helped to cut, braid and tie knots. Making cat scratchers was challenging as the parents had to measure, cut, straighten,join and roll.

Finally the toys we made were delivered to SPCA by our student representatives they were to visit the pets under the care of SPCA. Our hard work paid off when we saw cats resting on our cat scratchers.

This project certainly got the parents involved and helped to spread the message of “ Being Responsible Pet Owners” and got the children started with small but big dreams.

PhotosParents helped in preparing balloon dog sculptures for the ribbon cutting ceremony to Mark the launch of the event

Parent Volunteers from Jurong West Secondary School donated used long adult socks

Family Life Champions from People’s Association contributed used tennis balls 

We were very thankful to NTUC for contributing cartons to us

Parents and the children cut the socks to prepare toys for dogs 

A neatly braided socks with tennis ball stuffed in it

Children enjoyed rolling the cartons

The toys we’re delivered to SPCA

It was a delight presenting the toys to the representative of SPCA

Children petting the cat at the cattery

Wow! The cat used the cat scratchers we had made. You hard work paid off!!!

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